Thursday, July 18, 2002

Computers (Part 1)

Why do I have this urge to throw all my computers off the top of a very tall building? Is it perhaps something to do with the way that the incredibly good looking iMac superdrive needs to be rebooted every half an hour because OS 9.2 won't acknowledge it has 1Gb (no that isn't a typo) of RAM, and OS X just won't do anything? Or could it be that the Windows partition of my dual booting workstation gives me the blue screen of death even before the desktop loads? It could even be in the way that the linux partition in slowly grinding to a halt because some nameless person who did a hardware rebuild for me didn't reinstall the drivers so that the pc has gone flake, flake, flake. Whatever the reason, I am fed up with technology.

At least I am today.

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