Thursday, July 18, 2002

Computers (Part 2)

What was it I said about technology making my life hell? I have over the last couple of days been trying to get my downstairs neighbour to help me with the various things that need doing to make my computers work.

However, I work all day and he has other things to do. So it is now Thursday and we are only halfway through the tasks needed to get my system back in working order.

So far, we have backed up the data from the Linux workstation to the server, reinstalled Linux from scratch with the newer version (we thought this was better that just upgrading), and backed up the windows partition (via Linux) to a series of CD's.

All we need to do now is reformat the windows partition, reinstall windows, resize that partition (maybe), and then upgrade the patches for Linux, prior to bringing back all the backed up data. Did I say ALL we need to do? That's it's taken us the best part of a week to get this far is leaving me very worried, particuarly as the chap who is helping me now has house guests for a few days.

I am beginning to wonder if I will have a working computer before the year is out.


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