Monday, July 22, 2002

Computers (Part 3)

This morning I got up with the firm intention that I was going to get Windows working on my home workstation. Of course, being a Sunday there was the addition that there were fast cars on the television, so there was a three hour period were nothing was going to be done.

So I went to my neighbours, were my friend sat and watched the racing with me, which surprised me because she usually says that F1 is a boring procession. Anyway, we watched the race, commented on the jump start from Fillipe Massa, analysed the replays of the cars coming out of the pitlane and gave our decisions as to whether the race stewards were correct in the penalties that they handed down, looked on in awe at the degree of maturity shown by Kimi Raikonnen, almost cried for him when the fates cruelly robbed him of his first victory, and so on.

Then I went back to my flat and started on the computer. It still isn't working. I have a CD Re-Writer that the OS thinks is just a CD-ROM. I have installed several versions of CD Burn software and so far only one has acknowledged the device as a burner. Unfortunately that someware only converst mp3's to audio CD's so it is not suitable for my purposes. I've installed an ftp client to get investigate sites like the sunsite archive but that won't connect to anything, and as of about two hours ago I was ready to give all my computer equipment to Oxfam.

I am getting rather upset, frustrated and stressed with this. Of course, the only person who lives near me with any idea about computers knows nothing about windows, though this won't stop him from trying to get his hands on my machine and trying to fix things.

Why is technology so hard to live with?

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