Saturday, July 20, 2002

The drowned rat speaks

Today it rained! Not just a light sprinkling of rain, but a torrent of biblical proportions. I got into the local Waterston's within five mins of the start and I was soaked right through my coat to my underwear. Everywhere I stood I left a puddle as the water dripped out of my clothes. To cap it all I must have looked like a bag lady because the security guard seemed to be following me around the store. Anyway I bought a book that I had been planning to get, so the enforced visit wasn't a complete loss.

The worst thing about being out in the rain is other people's umbrella's. I lost count of the times I had to duck, or twist to one side of the other suddenly because I was in danger of losing an eye on the spokes of someone's umbrella. And, of course, being Saturday afternoon at the start of the tourist season in Edinburgh, Princes Street was a heaving mass of bodies, and almost every single body had an umbrella, that was being swung in a dangerous manner. Maybe the UK's nannie state should instigate a "driving test" for brollies so that until such time that you can operate an umbrella safely without risking injury to others, you are not allowed to use one. Of course, that would make no difference to me - I didn't have an umbrella to start with and once I was already soaked it was a pleasant experience to be out in the rain.

But I'm weird. So there!

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