Thursday, July 18, 2002

Life in a Hitchcock Movie

I have a new neighbour from hell at work. This time it is a seagull and it is nesting on the roof of the building across a small carpark from my office. The guys in the lab go stand by the corner of the building on their cigarette breaks and the researches in our secondary portacabin unit have to go past there to get into the labs, as the leylandii hedge and an overgrown rose bush prevent a more direct route. Of course, the seagull doesn't know that. It just sees these big two legged things that are a threat to its nest, and so it goes on the attack. It hasn't attacked me - yet - but the lab manager, one of the senior researchers and several of the groundsmen have had a large, angry seagull swoop on them from a great height. Of course, the location of my office gives me a ringside seat.


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