Friday, July 19, 2002


Why is it that at the moment I seem to be permanently fed up? As I type this entry I am still in my office at work waiting for a print run to finish. It is 20:20 - I technically finished work 3 hours and 20 minutes ago, however, the iMac being the beast that it is, it took me until past 3:00 pm to do a job that I should have been able to finish well before lunch. Of course, I then had to set about doing the rest of the work I had earmarked for today. I would have left it but I know that the boss will be back in the office on Monday and as he is only about for 2 days I will be rushed off my feet then, with no time to catch up. Serves me right for idling this past fortnight.

The advantage of working late in the office it that I can put a CD in the player and blast music around the labs. The current choice is a chill album that was mixed by a guy I know through a mailing list. It is a good mixture of musical styles put together really well. He sent me three of these CD's titled "Stone Chilled" way back in March. The sad thing is that we've had a fall out and as a result there are no more CD's coming through my letter box. Bummer! On the good side though I am hoping that his record company will be ready to release his new album very soon. I was sent an early mix of it prior to our fall out and it is a mightly fine album. I expect I will say more about it after the release date.

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