Saturday, July 13, 2002

That was the week that was...

This past week has been one of distinct contrasts. It seems as though everything that could happen has and to be perfectly honest it has at time felt like I was living in the middle of a soap opera. There has been a death, an "engagement" , the possibility of a business going bust, and a few other minor dramas. If it was a soap it would have been dismissed as unbelieveable, but they do say that truth is stranger than fiction.

The "engagment" is my friends and downstairs neighbours. Apparently the financial mess caused by David not having a will made them think about their financial arrangments and the burden of inheritance tax. Charlie's Diary at has all the details.

As for the business, David's business partner, Ian, is going to make a go of it on his own, the rest of us will pitch in as much as we can, and we will put our faith in the God of Market Forces.

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