Tuesday, August 06, 2002

The Birds

Today was a first. The seagull attacked me. Having been watching it's modus operandi for over a week I wasn't particularly bothered, just keep an eye on where it is and if it decides to shit on you, move out of the way - fast!

The thing is I was right at the other end of the car park when it decided it didn't like me. This is well away from the area it usually gets sensitive about. It's really spectacular watching a large bird, like a gull, in a head on power glide, and to have it pass over your head, so close that you can hear the feathers rustling, but I think I would have rather not have experienced it first thing in the morning, whilst still half asleep.

Still I only have to pass that way about a dozen more times today, so I will no doubt get used to the sight.

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