Monday, August 19, 2002

Charity Work

The lady that is the fundraising co-ordinator for the Charity we were helping last night is wonderful. She has more personality that half the comedians that were performing last night. On the two big shows the comedians forgot to mention that the charity was collecting so we got a really poor response to the buckets. However, at the other site, the comedian at the big show there has said that we should get somebody into the auditorium whilst he is on stage and he will "pass the bucket around for us". The guy actually approached us whilst we were outside and chatted saying what great work we were doing. Suddenly, I was no longer cold and wet, and my feet miraculously stopped aching, so never under estimate the power of a compliment.

The politics are still going on within the Order. There is so much "he said/she said" going around and no two tales are the same so it is impossible to know what is the truth, although everyone will tell you that they are telling the truth and everyone else is lying.

Oh well!

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