Monday, August 05, 2002

The Continuing Saga of the Computers

It would appear that the nice chap from the IT department has fixed the iMac. I say fixed but in reality I mean it is only crashing once or twice a day as opposed to once or twice per hour. But it is a start and at least now I am able to get some work done.

Things are looking up with the home machine too. I am almost back to a having a working system. There are a few glitches (the workstation seems to think that the CD-Rom drive is the CD-Rewriter and vice versa) but these will slowly be fixed. The main thing is that generally speaking I do all the tasks that I need to do without the machine grumbling, going slow and falling over. Plus the scsi DAT drive that hasn't worked for over six months is now running fine and dandy. So now I can do "proper" backups rather than burn onto CD-R.

Things are indeed looking up.

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