Saturday, August 31, 2002


I've mentioned that I am pagan, and in true witch style I have all sorts of spells and things written down as reference. Most witches have all their accumulated knowledge written in a nice Book of Shadows. I on the other had have various bits of paper that are all lumped together in any old order in a box (Walkers smokey bacon crisps box to be precise). The result is I can never find anything when I want it.

So today I have bought myself a nice hardback notebook, a new nib for my pen, and some other bits and pieces and I am going to get the whole lot in order. Sounds good..........


I haven't a clue where to start. On one of the pagan mailing list someone recommended a book, however, that is out of print and unavailable in the UK. I tried the library but they haven't got it and are not sure they can get a copy.

Maybe I should just sit and stare at the big pile of papers and hope that they sort themselves out.

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