Monday, August 26, 2002

Oh Well

I've had my little reflection and have decided what the hell if I sound like a self indulgent whinger. Having looked at other blogs out there in the big bad internet it would appear that I wouldn't be out of place, so I can have my own little piece of self gratification, combined with miscellaneous side swipes and the odd funny thrown in for good measure. I will be going back over the old posts to try to correct some of the grammar and spelling errors, and I will probably add some relevant links as well.

Meanwhile, I am starting to get into my research relating to Paddy Slade (See previous blog entry). Some one has mentioned that her dream is suspiciously like a Rudyard Kipling story but they can't remember which one. If it is true I can throw plagiarism at her as well. The best of all was finding that she is going to be one of the main speakers at the Pagan Federation Scottish Conference next year. I think if I supply the rope there is likely to be a very willing lynch mob.

Happy, happy, joy, joy, joy, joy JOY!!!!!

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