Monday, August 19, 2002

Ooo Errrr Missus

I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists. And I really do mean a LOT. At last count I think I was subbed to about 50 or so. Some of them you are lucky if you get a message once a month and at the other extreme there are some that have a couple of hundred messages a day, though the bulk of these messages are people "me too-ing". At some point I will list the lists so that the world can see just how sad I really am.

But I digress....

I received a mailshot from one of the mailing lists which turned out to be more entertaining than I though for a number of reasons.

First off, there is that well known children's hero Bob the Builder. Perhaps parents might want to take a closer look at the things the Bob is teaching their kids based on the evidence of this series of links. Maybe the local Child Protection Agency should be notified.

Whilst on the subject of innuendo there is a nice research paper on the distribution of the labial flap, though this is not to be confused with Jackie Stallone's study. (Yes, that is THE Jackie Stallone mother of Sylvester).

Finally there is news that THOMAS DOLBY (he of "Hyperactive" fame) is still alive and made one of his rare live appearances "hosting a 350 Euro-per-headseminar on COMPOSING POLYPHONIC RING TONES in Finland". Before you breath a collective sigh of relief, he's doing two sessions in London this week. There's more info here

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