Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Pagans...... Feh!

I was involved in a very animated discussion on a Pagan list relating to sexual mores, where it would appear that I was on the losing side. Now I don't mind losing a reasoned debate, because I've at least given the grey matter a good work out I'm had to find evidence to support my case and the same is true of the other person(s) involved. What I don't like is arguing against someone who has decided that I am wrong no matter what I say and will then take the very argument I used and quote it back at me as though it was their original thoughts. For example, if you say coal is black, these people will proceed to tell you how you are wrong, for what ever reason they come up with, you reply to their argument and get a scathing response along the lines of "you are so - stupid coal IS black". I sent a long email explaining my thoughs on the over reliance of penetrative sex and how this places too much pressure on people to "perform", I went on to explain that it is possible to have a fulfilling sex life without the need for penetrative sex by developing a fuller understanding of your partners needs and desires, and by using that knowledge even living hundreds of miles apart wouldn't detract from a full love life. I got a scathing reply from some woman who in telling me I was wrong proceeded to give me a lecture on how you can have "sex" with your partner 24/7 through email, text, phone calls etc and didn't I know the brain was the biggest sexual organ? I wondered if she had actually read my mail. I doubt it.

Of course, in the middle of this I decided to change my mailing list settings on the groups web page and I hit the wrong button unsubscribing, (doh!) and the list owner/moderator has publicised this to the whole list without any reference to me. So now I either look like a sore loser or a bimbo who can't operate a web browser without getting it wrong, whereas I was taking multi-tasking too far and got distracted by one job whilst doing another, resulting in them both going wrong.

Life.... Don't you just love it?

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