Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Seagulls 1 Eagle 0

The hospital that I am based at has now brought in a man with a BIG bird of prey (an eagle). The seagulls mobbed it, the eagle flew back to it's handler, who then proceeded to pose and posture with the bird on his arm.

I am absolutely disgusted with the health trust here. The seagull on the building opposite my office only "attacked" people when they got persistantly close to it's nest. Of course, the people it "attacked" most of all were the crowd of smokers who were constantly winding the poor thing up. So not content with killing themselves with their cancer sticks, they are trying to have the gulls killed as well.

Everytime something new is tried it just winds the gulls up and makes them "attack" more people. Then the increased gull "attacks" are an excuse to try something else.

Not to mention that the money spent on Macho Man and Big Bird would have best been spent on the patients.

This is from our local compassionate carers. At the moment I don't think I would trust them to care for a house brick.

Now I remember why I stopped working for the health service in the late 1980's, and it was upsetting to see that nothing has changed. Maybe I need to work elsewhere.

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