Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Webmasters Apprentice

Well now that the computers are working with a degree of reliability I have to turn my hand to the task of updating my webpages. This is going to be a mammoth task because I have to re-write everything from scratch. To make things harder, the nice web publishing package that I originally used doesn't work on the OS I now use, besides which, despite making web publishing easy, it produced pages that are illegal under new UK legislation.

I could try editing the web pages that have already published, but my ISP have this habit of changing the html tags into Front Page tags, so it is easier to start again from the beginning.

So for the next week or so I will be working with index cards to set up my basic structure and getting to grips with how to translate my ideas into an electronic format. Whilst relearning how to write proper, compliant html, that will allow more than one browser to view the pages.

There may be something to see next week, but please don't hold your breath.

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