Monday, September 30, 2002


I really must start putting the interesting bits I find into my blog rather than passing them to Feorag and Charlie for inclusion in theirs. Over the past few weeks there have been several interesting things that I've come across and in every instance I've passed it to someone else.

For example, the rant on Kevin Carlyon's website, where he declared himself to be immortal, not to mention that he was going to raise the ghost of Nessie. This is after he put a protection spell on Loch Ness so that she wouldn't be caught! And he insists that in the Harry Potter film the broomstick is being ridden the wrong way. Apparently we only started to depict witches on broomsticks with the bristles at the back when we discovered the principles of aerodynamics. Of course, this flys (oops! bad pun) in the face of woodcut illustrations in 16th century chapbooks (before aerodynamics) where the bristles are at the back, but when did Kev ever let the facts get in the way of a publicity stunt.

My feeling is that this is a guy who really need to get out more.

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