Sunday, February 09, 2003

I had a phone call from my mother today. She was telling me the latest news about her chemotherapy and all the stuff that is going on with the family down in Leeds.

Family news is pretty much as it always is, but the treatment news was interesting. Her treatment regime is a long session (several drugs) then a week later a short session (one main drug and antibiotics), then the next week a long session and so on. She had her first long session a couple of weeks ago and when I went to visit she was fine. Her only side effect was that her joints were aching and she felt tired. When she went for the short session it was cancelled because her blood tests were a bit skewed. Last week she was back for the next long session and there was a delay for some reason during which time she got to see the consultant. She thought that because there were no nasty side effects that the drugs weren't working, so she was shown the x-rays for comparison, and apparently there is already a visible reduction in the tumour.

Whilst we know that this is not a cure, it's a positive and each positive is a step on the way to controlling the nasty little bugger. So we are all pretty upbeat about it.

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