Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Right the computer is working again, thanks to Claudio and the guys in #linux on It's actually a re-occurrence of a problem that Claudio spend two nights fixing last week so before he started spending lots more time at it again I threw the problem into the chat room. Main query that came back from the guys was "raid?". Neither Claudio or I thought that the machine was using raid but we kept the suggestion in the back of our minds as work began, partitions were checked and bad blocks marked. When the machine was rebooted, we kept a very close eye on what was being loaded, at which point curses were heard. Kernel sources were located and downloaded from disk at which point we noted that the installer claimed it was reconfiguring something. Looks were exchanged and a decision to have a close look at what the kernel was doing was made. The distro insists that my AMD K6 desktop machine is a 586 family processor running on a Toshiba laptop as well as other stupid stuff including what appeared to be two different raid controllers, so a swift reconfiguration and recompile later we think that we may have the problem solved. Touch wood.

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