Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Oh Boy

It seems that a certain person of my acquaintance has thrown another wobbly. God knows what is going on in his mind, but apparently I am threatening him (whereas the opposite is the case). Last time this happened my ISP were reporting him to the police as a potential stalker who would pose a physical threat to me (and having gone back through the email logs I can see why). This time it's because I made a comment that it would have been nice to see him up but I realised that I wasn't friend enough to warrant his travelling half way across the country, to which he responded with a barrage of abuse. I think this guy is sick. For example: he threatens me then accuses me of threatening him. He can not or will not take responsibility for his own actions and always projects his unacceptable behaviour onto someone else and plays at being the innocent victim/bystander. It's very tiring dealing with him because just to say hello you have to consider how many ways that can be taken as an insult, attack, accusation or threat. I find it hard to outright condemn him because over the time I have known this person it is clear that there is something weird going on that drives him and I really wish he would get help, because he has the potential to be a great guy.

But it is my own fault, half the world and his dog warned me away from him, all saying that he is a womaniser, bully, fantasist, etc and I didn't listen, not even to the people who said that he was a downright psycho and I should watch my back because "you never know what harm he could do me". I'm just glad that I have plenty of friends who know of him and know what he is like who will watch my back.

Meanwhile I worry about anyone else who has got mixed up with him that doesn't have this support network, because who knows what might happen.

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