Thursday, April 17, 2003

Oh that was so funny!

Stalker has removed the postings. However he seems to have forgotten that some people save webpages to their hard drive, so that they can be posted as attachments to abuse reports. Duh!

Like I said before though it is all lies that are easily refuted, so anyone who knows me, (that's the Tav crowd, the KJ lot, the swimmers, the corsetiers, and sundry other reprobates) are more than welcome to come around and read the emails from said stalker direct from the mail server. Hey that's it! Why don't we have a party, and we can sit around getting drunk and pissing ourselves laughing at the emails where he is saying all the things he is trying to claim I said. I nearly fell off my chair when he said I was only making accusations based on collusion with an ex-friend of mine who is also an enemy of his. No I got no info from that source, but there are, of course, the hundreds of other people that he has pulled the same crap on who are all only too pleased to dish a bit of dirt back.

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