Friday, April 25, 2003


I think my stalker might have seen that he isn't having any effect on me. Somebody who I don't even know said that he actually sounded like an obsessed nutter and following that he has removed all the offensive material that was posted on Live Journal. On the advise of the abuse team I did however, save the journal, so that I still have evidence for any impending legal actions. I still, of course, have all the email logs, that prove beyond doubt that my unknown hero is in fact right, and I have to thank all the people who emailed, phoned or called around to offer support. The stalker tried to put himself in the position of being the vicitm, yet he was the one who was going out of his way to harass me. I have had to have my phone calls on both my land line and mobile screened, my email account set to reject mail from this person, I had to ban him from commenting on my live journal, and set anonymous comments to screened, and with each block I put in place he tried to find away around it. Does that actually make him sound like the victim? No I didn't think so. Unfortunately I find that I am not the only person who has suffered at his hands. There are a couple of people who are so traumatised by my stalker that they are genuinely afraid at the mere mention of his name. For them I am pleased that I made a stand. This guy's name is now lodged with the Police, and investigations are continuing. Even if he only gets a slap on the wrist this time, it means that the next person he tries this on will have more protection and so on down the line. I have suffered the emotional trauma of a paranoid obsessive trying to turn me into some sort of a monster, but I have refused to lie down and let him demonise me.

And finally, I would once again like to thank my unknown hero, who I don't think knows quite how much he has helped me, and all those who did support me.

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