Thursday, May 01, 2003


Well that's been an interesting day, and it isn't over yet. Apparently She Who Shall Remain Nameless is upset that another candidate for the current Scottish election appointed me as a Polling Agent. I like being a Polling Agent, it means I get to go to any Polling place in the district and harass the Election staff on the excuse that I am observing that the election is being administed fairly and in accordance with the Representation of the People Act. It also means I get to go to the Count.

Now I let slip to She Who Shall Remain Nameless's other half, at which point he decided that the other candidate was a "fuckwit" because this will upset SWSRN. Furthermore, today either SWSRN or her other half (not sure which - I'll need to clarify that) rang the Candidate who I an Polling Agent for and lambasted him for allowing me to attend the Count. Apparently I'm a lunatic who is going out of my way to go to places so that SWSRN cannot go.

Now as I read that, it means that I am not allowed to speak with anyone, or go to any public house, or any cinema, theatre or book event, or set foot outside of my flat because she might just want to go to the same thing and if I'm there SWSRN cannot possibly attend, and I have to live my life in such a way that I cannot cause any offence of upset to her. Yeah right!

This is the woman who thinks that insulting people is funny, and when you tell her it isn't gives you a mouthful of abuse. This is the woman who has never had a proper job in her life and so can't comprehend why those who do would really like to keep them. This is the woman who allegedly cannot lie but is regularly caught out in some enormous whoppers.

So do I become a nun and avoid all social content to keep her happy, or do I give her a big up yours?

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