Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Bargins galore

I had an interesting afternoon in HMV (West End today). Went up into the Classical section where I had a nice chat with the chap who works there. Despite not seeing him for over 12 months he not only remembered me also the sort of classical stuff I like, and the CD's he'd recommended to me. (wow! HMV give this guy a pay rise now.) Anyway to cut a long story sort he pointed me to some stuff that they have in from the Marco Polo label which are all being sold at £2.99, so I came away with the following;

Witold Lutoslawski - Symphonies Nos 3 and 4

Frederic Devreese - Soundtrack (Dances, Divertimenti and Preludes)

Tage Nielsen, Erik Norby, Vagn Holmboe & Herman D Koppel - Songs

Rued Langgaard - String Quartets (Double CD)

Laszlo Lajtha - Symphonies Nos 8 and 9

And as if that wasn't good enough on the bargain front I got two Permin cross stitch kits at about half the price I've seen them being sold for elsewhere. They are about 8"x 20", stitched on 20 hole to the inch count fabric and are gorgeous. All other stitching projects are on hold till these are done.

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