Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well blogging has been somewhat slow. The main reason is that I am currently on a web development course, which is rather intense.

It's even less likely that I will be doing updates before Christmas because not only am I studying for the CIW Foundations exam we are in the project phase of the course.

The project itself is really interesting. I am working with a guy whose back ground is graphic design (the team designer) and a woman who has experience of running a web company (the team's project manager) to redesign from scratch the web pages for Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh. The ideas are really flying around and we already have some good ideas that we can put to our client. This is a really exciting project with lots of potential for fun so we are all working our collective butts off.

Maybe I should try to keep updating this to let you all know how we are getting on.

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