Thursday, February 19, 2004

Linux Games Petition

Like a number of others I'm getting fed up of having to run a second computer in windows just so I can play commercial games. One of the guys in a chat room I'm on has started a petition to show the games manufacturers that Linux is an untapped market, and that it is in their economic interest to provide the linux community with ports of the top selling games.

The test of the petition is:

To: EA Games

We, the Linux gaming community are feeling alienated by companies that, in face of huge demand for our choice of operating system, still refuse to provide proper client-side ports for major games.
Although this petition is focused primarily towards EA Games, (who became a powerful force in gaming due to their commitment to providing native ports to a variety of operating environments) the writer of this petition also believes that such companies as Blizzard (who deliberately SHUT DOWN an open source native port project for some of their games, which did not infringe on their intellectual property, called freecraft) deserves special mention.
This petition aims to make the following points:
1. Emulation is not a native port, and native ports are what is required by the linux-driven consumer.
2. Our numbers and buying power are great enough to warrant such projects as a transition from directx to opengl, for instance.
3. We believe we are the future, and this is an offer to make peace with this community, before we are further alienated, and you really need us to stay in business.
4. Native server ports without client side ports are offensive, and unacceptable.
5. We are no longer willing to run a Windows machine, or buy a gaming console just to be able to play games. (Thanks to the insight of such companies as Atari, among others, we don't have to)
Thank you for reviewing this petition.


You can view the petition and sign it here:

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