Friday, March 26, 2004

Panic Stations!

Wedding day is getting every closer and whilst we have most things in order there are a few little details that need doing.

The darling boy needs to hurry up with the design for the official invitations otherwise we are not going to be able to send them out in time.

I need to get on an do the information web page, because I don't have time to go looking up stuff for everybody as they request it. So things like, map to the venue, link to tourist board B&B index, wedding list, alleged order of day, etc, will be there for people to check up on at their own convenience.

Trouble is I want a nice picture of a victorian style wedding dress that has a long train, and is a nice size to put on a web page and I can't find one. They are all either photos taken at the wrong angle to be useful, too small, or too fuzzy. The graphic artist that I was working with is busy too so he doesn't have time to create an image for me.

On the other hand I have the model of the dress almost done so I'll probably be wearing that all day next weekend so I can see where the pattern will need to be adjusted. This weekend I'm looking for a suitable veil, saw a nice simple two-layer one but I can't get it in black. That's another thing that is brewing - my future mother-in-law is convinced that I am joking when I say that the wedding dress is going to be black and keeps making suggestions of "suitable" colours. I keep telling her that I'm going for authentic but... Maybe I should see if my friends (the film producers) can put me in touch with one of the costume designers so I can get evidence to prove my point, not that it's likely to work though.

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