Monday, April 26, 2004

New game

For those of you that play the Vampire The Dark Alleyways, there is a new variation called Gothador. This is a little bit more dungeons and dragons based and is undergoing serious development as people are joining the game and letting the developer know what features they'd like to see.



Well that was good for a while. The game developer has now implemented lots of features that the first round of players asked for and promptly started charging for them. Not amused. On top of that everytime anyone says anything even slightly bad about the game on any of the lists (which the game developers are making a point of owning) they are pounced on with abuse by one of the list moderators and then find that the posts "vanish".

My view of this lot has completely changed from a bunch working to get a game going for the hell of it (which is what it appeared at the start) to a bunch of money grabbing control freaks asking for "a small $5 USD / month donation (approximately £3 GBP)" to "gain access to all current advanced features and also new features that non-supporters will never get access to".

Make your own choice, but I've quit the game and asked the owner to remove my details from the database (which they still haven't done).

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