Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A nice relaxing weekend... not

The boy wonder came up for the long weekend so we used the opportunity to get various bits and pieces done. Of course, making the wedding dress was completely put on hold as I had to hide everything to do with it away, but that was a minor sacrifice. Firstly, on Friday night we went to the pictures to see Shaun of the Dead. It's brill. Go see it NOW!

Saturday started well with a leisurely lay in, but the need for food soon had us running out to get bacon rolls and coffee, then on into town where we ordered the wedding rings. I also took my mothers rings with me to get them resized and also to have the eternity ring restored. The jeweler commented that it was an old ring with a lot of wear so I think that Val got in a muddle and gave me one of my gran's rings by mistake. Not that I'm complaining because if that is the case then in her attempt to grab the valuable stuff for herself she has inadvertently given me one of the more valuable rings. I'll wait to see what the final report on that one is. Shambled around town a bit which was nice and ended up in HMV, where were picked up some of the DVDs we've been looking for in the sale, then home, food, and on to the pub for a good night out with friends.

Sunday, we made a tailors form in my shape, using cling film, and lots of duck tape, which was fun to start but got very uncomfortable after a while due to being sweaty and sticky. Then watched one of the DVDs we'd bought before finishing all the invitation designs and working on the wedding website (it still has problems and I can't seem to fix them - damn cross browser incompatibilities) so that will be going on-line in a day or two.

Monday he went home, and I didn't even get to do the tearful goodbyes at the train station as I was working. *BooHooHoo*

So now the dress will be brought out of it's hiding hole and that is going to be the big priority until he comes back in a few weeks when we have to make time to go to the Registrar's Office to submit the legal Notice of Intent to Marry and after that it's just finalising various bits and pieces.

It never seems to end though.

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