Monday, January 02, 2006


As is traditional at the start of the new year I have made a number of resolutions. Of course, tradition also dictates that these resolutions should be broken by the middle of January. I'm hoping that I will do better than that and keep up with these, hopefully to build on them next year. So here goes.

  1. I will lose weight.

  2. I will learn to programme.

  3. I will recycle more.

  4. I will give more to charity.

  5. I will lobby my MP, MSP and MEP on important issues.

  6. I will spend less time gaming on the computer.

  7. I will read more.

  8. I will not buy anymore books until the "to read" pile has been reduced to less than a single bookcase.

  9. I will complete at least one piece of needlework before starting another.

  10. I will blog more often.

I suppose I should keep a blog of how well I'm doing on all these resolutions and then I can be judged on my success (or failure), which would help me to keep number 10. But if that's the one I fail, how would anyone know how well I'm doing on the others?

Encouragement may be needed.

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