Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Clash

Just got in from the after work seminar and reception where amongst other things we discussed academics as media whores (David Starkey, Simon Schama, et al), general inability of students to put their name/matriculation/examination number on assessed course work, students lack of understanding that if they weren't given a handout at a lecture then perhaps there wasn't one, William Wallace's diplomatic efforts to secure the restoration of King John's monarchy, and UCEA refusing to have the previously agreed talks with the AUT to resolve the current dispute and ensuing boycott of assessment and examinations, (as you do).

I just started my media player and the first thing it played was Bankrobber by The Clash. Perhaps it was the dispute conversation that helped to bring back John Otway's alternative lyrics of:

"John he was a trainspotter
But he never hurt nobody
Now he's the Prime Minister
Don't you think that's funny

He spends his day from nine to five
Screwing up the nation
Then he takes his note book out
And goes down to the station"

I remember at the time there were lots of other examples of this kind of witticism, but I don't really see it at the moment. Political comedy at the moment seems to be too angry, too determined to have it's pound of flesh, become too much like the Socialist Worker Party who don't care who's in power but knows that they're bad BECAUSE they're in power and starts campaigning for change the day after the election.

Does anyone have their own favorite examples of 80's political humour?

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