Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm supposed to be at a wedding tonight.

We've had the invitation to go to a wedding today for ages but I really couldn't face going. My hubby has gone over to Glasgow to show his face and I'm sitting at home not knowing what to do with myself, because nothing interests me enough to overcome the whole "why bother" feeling that I have at the moment. I've tried reading, doing some needlework, watching "Invasion: Earth" on the Sci-Fi channel, and non of it is helping me settle. Bordom and near suicidal depression do not make a good mix! My husband seems to have made sure there are no large quantities of pills in the house and I already know from last week that we don't have any knives sharp enough to cut flesh so I'd have to get the motivation to leave the house to do anything and there is precious little motivation around here at the moment. The pills I'm taking aren't doing any good because they are supposed to help me sleep, but they don't and they are not supposed to give me the groggy hangover effect but they do. I'm getting to the point where I can't even function properly at work because the pills are leaving me dull-witted. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow so hopefully he will give me something better.

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