Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bulls*** Broadband

We were suckered into signing up for Bulldog broadband and have had nothing but trouble since. They have their own forums but the security is so poor that you could drive a bus through some of the holes. Plus if you complain too much the sys admins delete your posts and then ban you.

If anyone comes to this list after being banned by bulldog's little hitlers then leave a message in the comments with an email addy. Comments are screened so only I can see the address and I'll remove it before publishing your comment. There is also a forum were we can speak without fear of the bulldog biting at:


Hey! Mr Bisson if you want a full technical rundown about the security issues in bulldog I can point you to a Lunatic Italian who has worked out what a lot of the vulnerabilities are. It might make a story for El Reg.

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