Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fame at last!

Well for my old house at least! Greater Manchester Police have released the footage from the police helicopter flying over the city centre on the day the bomb went off. See BBC news story here.

The still on the story page doesn't quite show where I lived but is quite close, though the actual footage does pan around a bit more so you can see the entire Cromford Courts development. If you look at the still to the left of the column of dust is the Arndale Tower, just below and to the left of the tower you can see two dark coloured blocks (they stand out a bit as they have sloping roofs whereas the rest of the Arndale has flat roofs). Got them? When you've identified them look at the video. Now as the camera pans out beyond the point where the BBC took the still you will see another two blocks that are mirror images of the first two. Got them? I lived in the bottom left block. Fortunately not at the time the bomb went off, but we still had to put up with the structural vagaries of a bombed building.

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