Saturday, June 24, 2006

Onwards and upwards to reclaim my life...

Well as people will now be aware my husband was having an affair with Charlotte . This is the same Charlotte who came into my home as a "friend" and is now feeling hard done by because the married man she sank her hooks into decided that his wife meant something to him. The same Charlotte who thrust a shit load of her problems on to me whilst I knew, but couldn't prove, what was going on and then proceeded to manipulate me and my emotions to the point that I was suicidal. Then even whilst I was reaching for the blades to slit my wrists was emotionally blackmailing my husband to leave me alone and "keep her company cos she wasn't well"

And now she feels hard done by and won't let go. Someone please tell her to get a life and her claws out of my husband.

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shattered said...

Oh I so hear you on this one!

I am going thru nearly the exact same thing where she will just not leave him/us alone.

Stay strong and form a united front with your husband. The behaviour will only make your husband shy away.

I don't think these sick women understand that the obsessive behaviour actually pushes them away, instead of their belief it will win the man back.

CHin up!