Tuesday, August 29, 2006


In true Big Brother style it seems that I have been evicted from our social circle. Apparently some people are sick of being in the middle and some are equally sick of the stirring elements, well, stirring. So now I know that I'm perceived as a social pariah, deemed incapable of doing my job, and have only an unfaithful husband to talk to. And the psychiatrists think this is worth living for?!?!!


S* said...


You know, I've had to take inventory of the people in my life at different points and sometimes you realize there are a lot of insincere, bad people around you. Good riddance to them!

Those who stick around when you're at your lowest are definitely worthy. And if no one is around, well good, you've just gotten rid of some bad baggage. Now you've got plenty of room for all the GOOD people to come into your life.

missatropine said...

s* is right- there _are_ a lot of insincere bad people around and you'll get better faster if they're not around to drag you down.

you might have to get used to a smaller social circle (i had to when i moved to muirhouse and decided the goth scene could pretty much fuck off) but at least you'll know the people who are still there aren't just hoping you'll provide them with gossip fodder.

(this is tara, as if it weren't glaringly obvious :)

rathgild said...

you might have to get used to a smaller social circle

The current state of pariah-ness has left me with a social circle of... precisely zero (unless you count Paul) which isn't really worth much of anything.

shattered said...

Hugs to you!

S* is right. I am a firm believer in people enter your life for a reason. You never know who or what is around the corner for you.

The other thing I find is that when you really need something in your life, it usually shows up without warning.

I am certain you will meet a new circle of friends that are probably more 'suited' to you than those that have basically cast you aside.

Don't let these misinformed and judgemental people get to you. Keep your head high and chin up!

Remember.....you haven't done anything wrong!

rathgild said...

Looking back on this I'm particularly surprised at Tara's comment especially given the role her father played in making sure I was evicted from the social circle by constantly encouraging the ex-mistress to chase after my husband and that she and her mother suddenly wanted to invite me to al sorts of things once "daddy" had been cut out of the loop. It's interesting also that the ex-mistress has gone to live in muirhouse as well!!! Amazing the lessons you learn from hindsight.