Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Something to smile about.

Before all this aggravation started I weighed in at a hefty 16st 5lb (that's 229 lb or 104 kg), my bra size was 36G and I couldn't get jeans to fit because at Gap they only went up to 40 inch hips and so I couldn't get them over my fat bum.

Last week I went shopping for new lingerie and having been measured again I am now in a 34 GG bra. I can also get into the 40 inch hip jeans and on the scale this morning I weighed 14 st 9 (205 lb, 93 kg). Most of this weight has been lost whilst I was in hospital (says a lot about the poor quality of hospital food) so it's been a little fast, (24 lb in under 20 days) but even so it's good news, especially if I can maintain this weight or even better lose some more. If I work on the basis of about a pound per week loss to the end of the year that should get me to about 13½st for the start of next year. There is, of course, the whole other argument that if no one wants me around then why bother but I keep being told that I shouldn't think like that because this isn't what people are thinking. My response to that is if it isn't what they are thinking then why are they behaving as though it is?

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S* said...

Don't worry about anyone else but YOU right now. Feel fabulous about losing weight because it makes YOU feel good. Screw everyone else.