Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chaos Abounds

I've started a new blog called Chaos Abounds. It's not really a blog but a place where I can play with the blogger templates to get the look and feel I want without messing around with the main blog and completely wrecking everything. I've left the comments on the new blog open so I can get feedback on the look of the layout, please don't comment on anything else there. I've also stopped commenting on this blog for the time being. As I moderate all comments people are not seeing the amount of spam commenting that I'm currently getting, not to mention the hate comments that are telling me to hurry up and kill myself so that hubby and the bitch "can be happy together". I don't need that crap right now. The few people who are really concerned and are actually giving support have my email address and are more than welcome to use that to send comments. Hopefully the sad, sick individuals that are trying to get me upset again will get fed up and crawl back into their sewer.

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