Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Start?

The new year started with wimper, many of the firework displays and associated events being cancelled due to gale force winds and torrential rain.

I thought I would use this time to review last year's resolutions and start on the new ones for this year.

So here are the resolutions and how well I did.

I will lose weight. I did okay on this one though I have to admit that much of it was from the upset over the summer. I started the year at over 16st and I now weigh in at just over 14st. Of course, this means that I have very few clothes that fit me now. Once my sewing machine is returned I'll have to start taking seams in.

I will learn to programme. Never happened. I got a few ideas as to a programming language but it just seemed to fall by the wayside as so many things do.

I will recycle more. This counts a a success but only just. I'm recycling more but I could still do better.

I will give more to charity.
Again this is a technically a success, but morally I could proably have done better

I will lobby my MP, MSP and MEP on important issues.
Failed miserably. My MP is a waste of space and I've become very disillusioned with the political process. Roll on the revolution.

I will spend less time gaming on the computer.
Success. I'm reading, knitting, and doing needlework instead of gaming. I haven't completely cut out gaming but I'm doing less of it.

I will read more.
Success. I read about twice as much as the previous year.

I will not buy anymore books until the "to read" pile has been reduced to less than a single bookcase.
This started out well, and the "to read" pile was significantly reduced, so I started to let myself have little rewards, which slowed the reduction. There is only single shelf more that than the bookcase at the moment, and some of the purchases are reference books so they don't count.

I will complete at least one piece of needlework before starting another.
Success. Sort of. I finished one piece then started three new projects. Then I went back to knitting

I will blog more often.
I did blog more often, but there was a lot going on. The challenge is to find something interesting to say when the world around you is just trundelling on at it's own pace.

So now on to the resolutions for 2007

  • I will get my weight down to about 13st (about 180lb or if you want kilos about 82.5)
  • I will continue to increase the amount I read.
  • I will aim to complete at least one cross stitch and one knitting project each month.
  • I will build my web site.
I think that's enough for this year.

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