Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Password thief about

It seems that someone is making a concerted effort to break into my blogs. Three alerts from blogger in the last hour that someone has been requesting the password for the various blogs. Now it could be someone who has got the name of their blog wrong, but given that I have three blog accounts and there has been an attempt on all of them makes that unlikely. The other alternative is that someone is trying to hack into random account and I've been unlucky, which makes slightly more sense. The third, and most paranoid, option is that someone is targeting my accounts to either see what is being said about them, in unpublished posts, to make statements in my name to make me look bad, or to lock me out of my accounts altogether. Given that someone was actually stupid enough to suggest they they could, or rather they could get someone else to, hack into my server, despite doing so is a criminal act, you can see why I could be forgiven for the paranoia. Anyway the passwords have been changed, so the accounts should be safe.