Monday, January 28, 2008

Not Quite the End of an Era!

Well that is it! I have finally had enough of the bullying from my employer. Even when a new person was brought in to add another layer of management, the person chosen was someone who clearly has the same ethos. It was only on Friday that the new person decided that it was completely appropriate to admonish me for being late to a meeting in a public stairwell, during a period of high movement (lots of people around) and in a patronising manner that most people would be ashamed to use on a five year old.

Now I know that some of you will be thinking that it must be me who is being awkward, touchy and getting what I've asked for.

But let me put it to you this way.

In less than a twelve month period the line manager was reported for harassment (not by me) twice. The company chose to do nothing about this. Partly because the line manager started work for the company in the HR dept and so was friendly with the Harassment Officer, and partly because the company culture is that the higher up the food chain you are the less likely anything will be done to you.

I was on leave for most of July. Shortly after my return to work one of the secretaries in the team handed in her notice. About a week later another handed in her notice. A few weeks passed and then a third handed in her notice. That's three secretaries from a team of fifteen who left in a six week period. Or to put it another way a fifth of this particular line manager's staff!!!! (It's actually worse but the others who left were retiring so really don't count in the dissatisfaction ratings)

And no one in authority is asking questions!!!!

Since she is so crap at managing staff she has added another layer into the management and this new (junior) manager is the one who thinks it's okay to speak to staff at though they are at kindergarten and who seems to think that micro-management and punishment are the way to treat staff who are thoroughly demotivated by the years of mismanagement by the (senior) line manager.

Sorry if that is a bit hard to make sense of, but obviously I'm not going to name names.

Anyway, I have handed in my notice. I am leaving at the end of February - unless they want to pay me to stay at home, which is no skin off my nose as I can do a lot more work towards my MBA.

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