Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Murder in Mind

I have been given the job of transcribing some interviews for one of the senior lecturers, and the guy is driving me nuts. He has got this special equipment for putting the recording onto the computer and a footpedal for playback attaches via a USB port and the headset is pluged into the soundcard, but he comes over each day to take the stuff off me, as though I can't be trusted with it. This is on top of coming to see how I am getting on every hour or so, then whinging that it's going to take too long to do. I feel like telling him that if he left me the equipment so I could get on with the work as soon as I've got my coffee, and then stayed out of my hair all day it would be done a lot quicker, but I suspect I will get into trouble if I do that.

Of course, I could just kill him.

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