Monday, February 10, 2003

I woke up today with a blinding headache, so bad that I rang for a doctor's appointment. It wasn't just that it was bad but also that it has been there for about ten days. Anyway, the doctor listened to me sympathetically, and agreed that worrying about a headache that's lasted ten days isn't hypochondria, and she gave me some pills to kill the pain and help with the feeling of nausea. So off I toddled to the bus stop to go to work only to find I'd just missed the bus, so I went to get the prescription made up. What a palaver. The local pharmacy never seems to have drugs that you want, it's always we'll have to order this in and we'll have it in a couple of days. Anyway the drug I was prescribed is available in small quantities over the counter so the pharmacist made up the script out of her "over the counter" stock, then charged me a double fee ("well there are two types of tablet there dear").

I staggered into work only to have one of the other senior secretaries drag me off to lunch with the rest of the lunch crew, who all said I looked like shit and should go home.

After having had at least something to eat I took two of the pills. The first lot you should take are a lurid pink and have a drug to stop feelings of nausea, which I needed because I really did feel quite sick. I then put my head on the desk and prayed for a swift death (I said it was a bad headache). One of my co-workers saw me in this state and said that I really ought to go home, and as he is a doctor I decided to take his advice. Because I was feeling nauseous I decided that it would be better to get a taxi home but before I could do this I had to go and throw up. Now I can only blame this on the pills because I'd gone well over a week of nausea without the up-chucking, but on the plus side after my discussion with Ralph on the white telephone the nausea went away so it wasn't all bad.

And now I am at home and just about to go to bed to see if darkness and quiet will help any.


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