Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I don't understand

When a girl is shagging a guy and he dumps her so he can move 200+ miles away to get married, if she then follows him that 200+ miles, manipulates to get the relationship going again, emotionally blackmails and harrasses him into leaving his wife, how in this situation is the fact that the girl is hurt because her plan didn't work out the wifes fault? Which part of this makes the wife the scum of the earth? How is the wife to blame for the bitch rubbing the situation into the her face so that the she gets suicidal?

Surely the fact that the bitch was dumped so the guy could get married should have said from day one that she didn't stand a chance. What right then does she have to be hurt if she stalks and harrasses the guy back into a relationship and gets dumped again? Surely even a brain dead moron would know that if you've been dumped for somebody once there's no point chasing because you'll only be dumped for that person again. It's the standard plot in soap operas.

I am so sick of this whore playing the victim card in this when SHE is the instigator. Remember she CHASED Paul up to Edinburgh. She even told me at the wedding that she was going to change her UCAS choices to add Edinburgh. I'm sick of being made out to be the bad guy. I'm sick of being made to feel inadequate because some little slut lies and manipulates the situation. REMEMBER she's the one that was driving me to suicide not the other way around, but I've come to the conclusion that everybody else thinks she had the right idea.


It's hit a stalemate. Either someone is going to have to tell this whore to get out of Edinburgh, or we will be looking to leave Edinburgh cutting ourselves off from everybody. But why should I as the victim have to restart my life in another place because some little prossie doesn't want to stay dumped.