Saturday, November 11, 2006

Long time no blog

There has been nothing much to say or, to be more accurate, there is nothing that I can safely say in this forum due to not so veiled threats. There is of course the closed forum where I can speak freely and name names and should the suggestion that getting someone to hack into the account to see what is being said is followed through, then the authorities WILL be notified and prosecutions for criminal activity likely to ensue.

Anyway, back to what I'm really blogging about.

Hubby is being very nice to me at the moment. It makes me wonder what he is playing at and what he is trying to hide. There is still no news on when we will be assigned to another couples councillor so we are just carrying on being increasingly distant. We had another row, this time about all the stuff he has done that has screwed up my life and how it's okay for him because my sacrifice has put him in a position whereby he can get by without me, but I'm in a position where I'm in effect tied to him because my chances of getting a high paid job flew out of the window when I quit my degree to support him. Fifteen years on and there is still no mention of his promised provision while I return to get a degree and when I asked him how we would stand if I just quit work he said he'd rather I didn't do that becasue he didn't want to be spending all his money on maintaining the apartment, etc. Nice, eh?

So last night he insisted that we go out for a meal. There is a restaurant called "First Coast" close to where we live that we keep saying that we should check out, so last night that is what we did and we really wish we hadn't bothered. As we arrived we were taken to our table, the girl just pointed to the coat rack and said "you can hang your coats there" before heading off. We dealt with our coats and were just sitting down when another girl appeared with menus and before we had even a chance to open them there was a guy there asking if we had decided what we wanted. Answer = no. What about drinks he asked. I gave him a look and hubby said we needed a few minutes. Sheesh talk about rushing you. The menu was very limited and whilst everything individually looked interesting it was so badly thought out that there was no way that you could create a meal that had a nice balance of flavours and textures. In the end we chose to just have a main meal each, hubby having the fillet steak and I had that pan fried breast of duck. Hubby said that the steak was okay though the "Sizzling Scot" (next door to "First Coast") does steak better and my duck was, at best, disappointing. It was over-cooked and tough at one end and under cooked and barely warm at the other, the beetroot mash was increadibly salty and ranged from piping hot on the surface to warm in the middle, and the vegetables were mixed between warm and chilled. It takes a special kind of incompetence to cook THAT badly in a restaurant. The guy who was rushing us came up at one point to refill our glasses, which neither of us wanted and so asked him not to. He ignored us, so hubby lifted his glass off the table. Then the waiter moved to refill my glass. I covered it with my hand. He still tried to position himself to pour the wine. I kept my hand in place. He went to lean over me to pour into hubby's glass (which was now back on the table) my hubby covered his glass with his hand. In the end I said "please do not do that we can pour our own wine if we want more" but he still hovered for a few seconds clearly not sure what to do when patron's refuse to be bullied into drinking faster that they want. It was the same waiter who cleared the table when we had finished the meal and yet again he was leaning over me and almost pushing me aside. And all this at over £20 per head. Well we said we'd check out the place and having done so have decided that we won't go there again.

Meanwhile in other news I have the job of rebuilding the website for the local knitting circle, all I need now is some input from the arty one's so that have a design for it.

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