Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Hogswatch!

It seems as though half the good stuff for the Christmas period has already been shown on TV, including Terry Pratchett's Hogfather which was broadcast on Sunday and Monday. Given that there was some good stuff on the box, that our existing TV was beginning to show it's age and a friend was most disparaging about it's (lack of) size in our huge living room, hubby and I decided that we would sacrifice pressies for each other and collectively spend the cash on a new 32" LCD HD ready widescreen TV. This rates as rather good. On the other hand hubby has got a cold and is coughing away and generally doing what men do when they are a teensy bit sick, ie moaning that he isn't feeling well. I had a similar bug about a month ago and despite the feeling that I really couldn't get out of bed still managed to drag myself into work each day with one exception which was when the pressure build up in my sinuses caused me to have a massive nose bleed. Even then I was in work by lunchtime, and carrying on as normal.

If also seems that we were lucky that our plans to go away for the Christmas period fell through as many flights from UK airports have been closed due to sever freezing fog. Apparently visibility at Heathrow was less that 100 metres for much of the day. If it carries on like this we'll have another definition of white christmas.

In other news I'm really struggling with all my craft projects because I have absolutely zero motivation. I've tried knitting socks but that has been more of a chore that a relaxation amd even though I've finished knitting a little donkey jacket I can't be bothered blocking and stitching together the pieces. I've a moss stitch baby blanket to finish which is driving me nuts and I've started on a stole in a cashmire silk which is beautiful to knit with, however, the pattern is a complete sod.

So everyone have a happy holiday because at the moment it sure looks like I won't

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