Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I had another appointment with the dentist today! This was the worst experience I've had at that dentist which is a shame because the dentist herself was really nice and tried to prevent any discomfort for me. It was even worse than the root canal work that was done a couple of weeks ago!! What could be worse that root canal work? How about full impressions. The tooth that is to be crowned is the very back tooth on the top left side so the impression had to go so far back that I was having the gag reflex and as a result started to choke. The dentist used acupressure to try to stop the gag reflex and also did her best help me through the experience, because if she hadn't got a clean impression it would have had to have been done all over again. Anyway the impression was a good and I wasn't too traumatized in the end. So in two weeks time I get my nice new white crown to cover the horrible grey amalgam filling.

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